PrivateFly Opens Santa’s Gulfstream Grotto

The private charter platform brought some Ho Ho Ho to Harrods Aviation Luton, for a festive client event

While Santa is more usually found flying in a sleigh, he switched to a Gulfstream G450 last weekend, as part of a unique Christmas event organised by PrivateFly, at Harrods Aviation Luton.

See photos from the event on the PrivateFly blog

PrivateFly hosted the family-friendly festive event for over one hundred special guests at the FBO on Saturday 9th December. Guests of all ages were able to enjoy the Harrods Aviation facilities and to have individual tours of a Gulfstream G450 operated by Pen-Avia, a recent addition to PrivateFly’s charter network. The aircraft was magically transformed into a unique Santa’s Grotto for the occasion.

Festive canapés and drinks were served by leading inflight culinary concierge, On Air Dining, inside the lounge. And children were able to enjoy a visit and professional photo with Santa on his Gulfstream, as well as a gift from PrivateFly and a Harrods teddy bear to take home. The event also invited guests to make donations to children’s charity St Elizabeth’s.

Adam Twidell, CEO and co-founder of PrivateFly, said: "This was such a fun way to celebrate the festive season and the end of a very busy year for PrivateFly, with our clients, corporate partners and friends.

“The Gulfstream G450 might not quite be able to fly around the world in one night like Santa’s sleigh, but with an impressive range of 4,350 nautical miles it can fly our clients on transcontinental flights such as London to New York, or Paris to Dubai.

“It was an ideal opportunity to showcase both the great facilities at Harrods Aviation Luton, and introduce an impressive new aircraft in our charter network.”