60% increase in private jets heading to Las Vegas for Mayweather & McGregor fight

As Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor start the countdown to boxing’s much-anticipated ‘Fight of the Century’ at the weekend, so too are private jets warming up for a major influx to Las Vegas. Private jet booking service PrivateFly is reporting a 60% increase in flight demand for Las Vegas McCarran airport, compared to usual volumes.

With ticket prices ranging from $1,700 up to $35,000, the historic bout will see a huge number of high net worths, celebrities and wealthy sports fans jetting in and out. And with tickets still changing hands on the secondary market, private jet travellers are being advised to book aircraft slots as soon as possible, with local airports likely to fill to capacity on the day of the fight.

Carol Cork, marketing director and co-founder of PrivateFly comments:

“We’ve been flooded with interest for this event. Las Vegas is always amongst our top US destinations, but we’re already flying 60% more flights than usual into McCarran Airport next weekend – more than we’ve ever seen – and we’re expecting further last minute interest over the next few days. Most flights are domestic routes within the US, but we’re also flying clients direct from London and other parts of Europe on ultra long range jets.

“While both McCarran and Henderson Executive Airport are very well-placed to handle significant numbers of private aircraft, we’re expecting to see them fill to capacity and close to any further landings on the day of the fight – as happened during the Mayweather and Pacquaio fight in 2015. So those still intending to jet in for a ringside seat, should book as soon as possible, to secure a slot.”

PrivateFly is offering private jet charter from London to Las Vegas McCarran, from £99,500 one-way in a Gulfstream GIV, seating 13.


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