PrivateFly receives Argus certification


PrivateFly is proud to announce that we are now an ARGUS Certified Broker.

The ARGUS Registered and Certified Broker Program aims to address the lack of regulation by allowing professional air charter brokers a recognised and respected mechanism to inform aircraft operators and charter consumers of the operating standards they adhere to.

For private jet charter advice and prices call our 24 hour expert Flight Team on {{telephone}} or search for instant estimate prices from your local airport using our flight search:

The ARGUS certification process demonstrates a company’s credibility, financial strength and organisational processes, its principles, culture and how it serves its client base. It affirms a broker’s commitment to air charter safety and best practices over a long period of time.

The regulatory community, combined with the efforts of industry associations and independent experts, have developed regulations, laws, standards and more to confirm an aircraft operator’s commitment and compliance with legal requirements and best practices.


To achieve certified ARGUS status, PrivateFly had to undergo a thorough two-day review of our data, documentation and practices that was carried out by ARGUS. Upon completion, PrivateFly was rewarded with the certified ARGUS status.

For more information on our Argus certification, call us on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 or contact us online.

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